About Catalyst Constellations


Catalyst Constellations was born when the personal journeys of two Catalysts converged.

Shannon is a long time intrapreneur who took two crucial steps to sustain her change work in large organizations. First, she founded and led the Global Intrapreneur Salon, a virtual network of change agents who come together quarterly to share best practices, learn from other thought leaders, and actively support each other. Second, she found a personal coach who understood her plight and supported her journey as a Catalyst in the corporate world. Shannon recognized that this group seemed to crave an in-person gathering to recharge together and deepening their sharing. Learn more about Shannon.

Tracey is an anthropologist and longtime amplifier of Catalysts. For many years she drove innovation at Microsoft by connecting designers and engineers to the needs of their customers and managing teams to catalyze change. Today she is as a coach for change makers and their teams. A social scientist with a graduate degree from the University of Chicago, Tracey began researching Catalysts in 2015, and now she uses this research and her own experience making change to support Catalysts to better understand themselves and more powerfully change the world. A key finding from Tracey’s research is that Catalysts thrive when they have spaces to rejuvenate and co-create with each other. Learn more about Tracey.

As Shannon and Tracey shared their visions, their Catalytic passions were ignited. They decided to combine forces to better support Catalysts by bringing them together to co-create and helping them build rejuvenation into their routines. Catalyst Constellations was born.

This is a journey about co-creating a global network and support structure for Catalysts. Our intent is to continually iterate and improve, to learn humbly from the brilliant Catalysts we connect with and to share this collected wisdom. Learn more about our retreats.


Vision and Mission

Our vision is to contribute meaningfully to Catalysts being known, sustainably leveraged, and recognized for the value they contribute to society.

Our mission is to support Catalysts individually and within their organizations to help them more powerfully and sustainably change the world. We do this by providing the space, the time, the network and the tools for catalysts to be successful at changing the world.