The Day My Spirit “Unclogged”

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“It was as if I had just read it. It was so clear in my head.” Shakeya is a health ethics, compliance, and risk Strategist in San Francisco, California. She attended one of the Catalyst Constellations retreat and decided to share her experience. Get ready to be inspired !

Are You a Catalyst?

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In this post I share the attributes that are common to a Catalyst. The signs that you are dealing with a Catalyst, or that you yourself are a Catalyst.

There are six attributes that, when combined, are the telltale signs of a Catalyst.

Growing My Game Changing – Why I Joined a Catalyst Constellations Retreat

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“There are so many types of change agents and Catalysts” was the first thing Georges Sassine told us at the end of the first Catalyst Constellations retreat. Indeed, he had just spent a revitalizing week-end in Northern California surrounded by business design strategists, heads of innovation in big companies, executive directors, entrepreneurs…

I Went to a Retreat, Then I Redesigned My Life

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Courtney is a customer experience designer, who has been working almost a decade for a leading worldwide company in IT and networking. Devoting heart and soul to her job, one day she felt the need to take a step back from her Silicon Valley lifestyle and flew away to Thailand. Courtney shared with us her thoughts and tips to live better as a Catalyst, both personally and professionally speaking.

Is a Catalyst Constellations Retreat Right for You?

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If you are catalyzing change, Catalyst Constellations Retreats will fuel you.

As Catalysts we face multiple challenges – burn out, loneliness, getting clear on our next step – to name a few. While there are ways to recharge, there are few optimized for Catalysts, integrating rejuvenation with helping you create clarity and community. That is why we began hosting retreats designed for Catalysts.

The Challenges of Catalysts

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Being catalytic can feel amazing – you have a drive that gets you out of bed, see opportunity everywhere and manifest meaningful change. And yet… There is PAIN that comes with being catalytic.

The slow pace of change. The frustration of explaining things over and over. Not sure which idea to act on right now. Feeling rejection or self-doubt. All of these are common challenges. In fact being a Catalyst comes with a long list of challenges. Research surfaced dozens of common challenges that group into 7 categories.

Five Tips to Sustain Catalytic Energy

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How many moments of intense burn out can you count in your catalytic history? How many moments of self-doubt that almost stopped you mid-manifestation?

The post about Catalyst’s challenges talked about the many things that compromise the emotional and physical well-being of Catalysts. Across the research there have been Catalysts that have powerful practices to manage these challenges and maintain momentum. So let’s take time to discuss best practices on sustaining our energy, so we can more powerfully change the world.

The 3 Most Common Mistakes of Catalytic Leaders

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My last post focused on the challenges shared by all Catalysts. In this post we are going to deep dive into the challenges of Catalysts who are trying to LEAD others.

When I met Anika she was in a state of paralysis because she had so many things happening at once. She was in negotiation to become a partner in her medical practice. She had previously run her own practice, but was eager to become part of an existing practice at this stage. She was trying to write a book summarizing research she had been conducting with her patients. She was looking at creating an app to better support her patients and others.

The Weight of Being a Change Agent

By Shannon Lucas (view full article)

It’s time for change agents to get more intentional about leaning into one another so we can recharge, maintain our progress and more sustainably change the world.

I have been blessed at many points in my career to combine my passion to create positive change in the world with my professional life. One of my deepest passion projects involved creating a platform to connect smallholder farmers, in the poorest parts of the world, with access to capital. When I went to the farms and saw how lives could be transformed by the work I was doing, it became a personal burning imperative.

The Power of Clarity of Vision

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A few months ago, John Morley would tell you that he had a “smorgasbord of ideas” regarding his career. But two weeks ago, he got every catalysts’ dream job. His job description is literally to change an organization—John is a Business Design Strategist at Hitachi Vantara (a subsidiary of Hitachi). He works alongside the CTO, to “catalyze” the organization—to move forward with its digital transformation agenda, and to explore new things.

How exactly did he get there?

Recharging Your Catalytic Drive

By Shannon Lucas (view full article)

It’s time for change agents to get more intentional about leaning into one another so we can recharge, maintain our progress and more sustainably change the world.

You’re ahead of the curve. You can see what’s coming down the road, when no one else can. Where other people see challenges, you see opportunities to reimagine how things get done. You know that done is better than perfect. You learn by doing, fast. You’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission. You see technicolor in a black and white world. Purpose is built into everything you do.

The Smallest Investment…in Yourself

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One of my favorite TedTalks by Nigel Marsh speaks to the issue of finding ways to sustain ourselves and make time for the things that are most important in our lives.

“Being more balanced doesn’t mean dramatic upheaval in your life. With the smallest investment in the right places, you can radically transform the quality of your relationships and the quality of your life. Moreover, I think, it can transform society.”

Catalysts New Years’ Intentions

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The New Year is such an exciting time. Some people make resolutions. Many people set goals, spend time imagining what they are going to accomplish or change this year, or kick off new projects. People feel the sense of a clean slate. No more excuses. Everywhere I look this is a time filled with activity and people ready to manifest new things. Fast paced. Active. Frenetic.