Tracey Lovejoy

Coach. Researcher. Facilitator. Catalyst.

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Tracey Lovejoy is a Seattle-based executive coach who works with Catalysts and their teams.

Tracey works 1:1 with Catalysts to help them harness their vision and confidence so they can more powerfully change the world. Tracey helps people move past their barriers and supports them in bringing their visions to life—whatever their visions may be. She also works with teams to build a bridge from the vision of the catalyst to the entire team that embodies and manifests it, growing the resilience and health of the team preparing it for the change and growth that comes with working with a Catalyst.

Tracey has supported Catalysts and their teams in a wide variety of large organizations, such as Amazon, Facebook, Steelcase, Microsoft, Intel, Vodafone, Redfin. She also works with individual movers and shakers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners across many industries including healthcare, education, technology, professional services, retail, and food service.

Change agents the world over work with Tracey to:

  • Get crystal clear on the vision they want to manifest
  • Build action plans to get there
  • Test and iterate the action plans by doing
  • Develop their leadership capabilities to bring others into their journeys
  • Grow the health and resilience of their teams so they are ready to change the world together

Before she became a coach, Tracey spent 12 lightning-fast years at Microsoft, where she worked at the intersection of technology, design, and innovation. She cultivated exceptional, high-morale teams with sustainable results. She is also the co-founder of the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference and the You in UX Online Summit.

Tracey holds a graduate degree in Social Science from the University of Chicago and is a proud UCLA Bruin from her undergrad days.

As a trained social scientist Tracey is able to detect underlying patterns—she can see “under the hood” to understand behaviors of individuals, teams, and complex systems. She is known for directly sharing what she sees with compassion, warmth, and impact. The core values she brings to her work are awareness, empathy, and courageous action because she believes that awareness + empathy + action = magical manifestation.

In her everyday life Tracey is known for optimism, big energy, a drive for results, and a bit of irreverence. When she’s not working she’s usually hanging out with her kids, cleaning up after pets, or stealing moments to feed her reading addiction.

She is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation; an accredited facilitator of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, an assessment-based learning experience for intact teams; and a Certified Everything DiSC Trainer.



Shannon Lucas

Intrapreneur. Innovator. Facilitator. Catalyst.
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Shannon Lucas is VP, Head of Emerging Business Global Customer Unit at Ericsson and a global thought leader on intrapreneurship for successful corporate innovation programs. For over twenty years she has been working with startups and cutting edge technology companies, launching her own ventures, and driving innovation into the world’s largest companies.

Before joining Ericsson, Shannon was Senior Innovation Architect at Cisco’s Hyperinnovation Living Lab, where she catalyzed blockchain initiatives across the company and created Minimum Viable Ecosystem labs, bringing together top global innovation companies to co-create new growth opportunities and take them to market. And as Director of Innovation at Vodafone Global Enterprise, Shannon empowered Fortune 500 businesses to stay agile, competitive, and sustainable through the adoption of organizational structures and cutting-edge technologies from AI and blockchain to IoT. Working with global innovation giants including GE, Amazon, Intel, Citibank, and Thomson Reuters, Shannon has co-created new products and led global customer innovation programs supporting all three horizons of innovation, shifting enterprise customer relationships to collaborative innovation partnerships.

Shannon brings her passion for catalyzing change to diverse social initiatives alongside her executive innovation career. She created the Global Intrapreneur Salon for Fortune 500 executives; was a mentor and founding member of IGNITE: Inspiring Girls Now in Technology Evolution; and served on the board of CorStone Center for Personal Resilience, which assists marginalized adults and youth around the world. And Shannon is as resilient in the wilderness as she is in a corporate board room—she’s worked on wilderness search and rescue team specializing in operations in difficult terrain, challenging weather conditions, and high altitude.