Our next Catalyst Essentials begins January 19, 2021.

Accelerate creating change and achieving your vision, while creating more sustainable ways of working.

Instructors: Tracey Lovejoy & Shannon Lucas


  • 8 live online sessions: Tuesdays January 19 - March 16 - Morning or Evening
  • 8 group coaching sessions: Thursdays (Evening) /Fridays (Morning) January 21 - March 19

Limited Openings


Making change can be invigorating. As a Catalyst you see ways to solve problems, opportunities to improve existing solutions and possibilities to better the world…ALL THE TIME. And then you JUMP. And it feels so good to drive to action. However, it can also be difficult and painful - because you have so many ideas it can be overwhelming, because those around you can feel threatened or scared by your pace and daring goals or because you drive so hard so often you can hit burnout again and again.

At Catalyst Constellations we understand your journey – the highs and lows. We’ve done the research and we’ve literally written the book.

In the Catalyst Essentials we come together to clarify our identities as Catalysts, then learn and practice skills that will allow us to sustain our energy and thrive while we make meaningful change. And we do this together with a group of like-minded Catalysts, creating a safe tribe to experiment and grow with.

We will ask you to apply the skills to your real-world goals and projects so you can increase your effectiveness in your current situations.

  • Week 1: Me as a Catalyst - Understand yourself as a Catalyst, your super powers and blind spots.
  • Week 2: Vision: Clearly Stating, Mapping and Leveraging - Understand the Catalyst superpower of Visioning and develop tools to prioritize, clarify and bring other’s along with you to achieve maximum impact.
  • Week 3: Action + Iteration: Building the Path to Manifestation One Action Step at a Time - Clarity on the natural action / iteration process of Catalysts with an understanding about how intentionality, empathy and slowing down can improve success. Plus creation of an Action Map that outlines your vision and concrete steps needed to manifest that vision; with input from your Catalyst peer group.
  • Week 4: Rejuvenation: The Essential Container for a Catalyst’s Sustained Changemaking - Identify and (re)commit to practices of rejuvenation that will support you on your journey as a Catalyst to minimize burnout.
  • Week 5: Orchestration Part 1: Influence & Networks - Understand the best way to build social capital, map your network to remove blockers and develop the most important long-term allies to create change.
  • Week 6: Orchestration Part 2: Breadcrumbing and Other Communication Skills - Learn how to document your role as the Catalyst of the idea (to help you articulate your value) while bringing people on the journey by making them feel like co-creators and co-owners of the concept.
  • Week 7: Value & Confidence: Claiming Your Value as a Path to Confidence - Learn to understand, own and articulate your value as a Catalyst.
  • Week 8: Putting It All into Practice - Close our journey together celebrating what is working already and getting clear on what you’ll put into practice moving forward.

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1:1 Coaching to help you clearly articulate your vision, build action plans to get there and dive into action…iterating as we go. We will step with you as you experiment and increase the impact you have on the world around you.


Whether you’re a Catalyst Executive, Head of Human Resources, building an Innovation Program or an Individual Contributor, we’re here to help. “From identifying the Catalysts within your company, to developing your Catalysts’ skills, our consulting services help accelerate and amplify your organizational change and innovation initiatives.”


Join a global network of your peer Catalysts. Find the ease of being with other change makers who move at lightning speed and create positive impact in the world.