: a person or event that provokes or speeds significant change or action
change agents with an unstoppable drive to action, brimming with ideas
to make the world better.

Synonyms: stimulus, spark, change agent, transformer, game changer, space shifter, designer of the future



: a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern
a group of change agents that create a structure of support,
making each part of the group more powerful.

Synonyms: powerful group, collective, network, cooperative, hive


Catalysts are passionate, purpose-driven people who have have vision and execute. They move fast and experiment. They take risks. They drive profound change in the world.

But Catalysts often feel alone—isolated from people around them who don’t share their passionate drive or who fear change. They can suffer from exhaustion and loss of faith in their vision. Research shows that Catalysts share distinctive powers and challenges. It also shows that when Catalysts connect, they rejuvenate and ignite each other.

Catalyst Constellations activates carefully selected networks of change agents so they can more powerfully and sustainably create change. We provide the space, proven tools, professional 1:1 coaching, and dynamic support you need to take your journey to the next level. You’ll take away new practices and a concrete action plan to manifest your vision, as well as ongoing engagement with a world-class peer network to sustain your energy and impact.


Are You Ready to Rejuvenate and Amplify?

The first step to joining a Catalyst Constellations retreat is a conversation.
If this is resonating, reach out.

April 26-28, 2019

Catalyst Constellations retreats bring passionate, purpose-driven people together to co-create the network, tools and resources we need to more powerfully and sustainably change the world. If you’re a Catalyst with a vision and the commitment to make change happen, join us for a transformative weekend.


We carefully build each cohort so the first step to joining a Catalyst Constellations retreat is a conversation. Setup time now.


Shannon Lucas

Intrapreneur & Facilitator

Shannon Lucas is VP, Head of Emerging Business at Ericsson and a global thought leader on intrapreneurship for successful corporate innovation programs. For over twenty years she has been driving innovation into the world’s largest companies. more

Tracey Lovejoy

Coach & Facilitator

Tracey Lovejoy is a Seattle-based executive coach who works with Catalysts and their teams. She works 1:1 with Catalysts to help them harness their vision and confidence so they can more powerfully change the world. Tracey helps people move past… more