To amplify global change to make the world a better place.


Catalyst Constellations contributes meaningfully to Catalysts being known, sustainably leveraged, and recognized for the value they contribute to society.

Catalyst Constellations is a ripple that makes Change Agents even more effective. We bring together a global network of Catalysts to amplify and elevate their work so they can more powerfully change the world.


Catalyst Constellations supports Catalysts individually and within their organizations to help them more powerfully and sustainably change the world. We do this by providing the space, the time, the network and the tools for catalysts to be successful at changing the world.


Catalyst Constellations was born when the personal journeys of two Catalysts converged.

Shannon is a long time intrapreneur who took two crucial steps to sustain her change work in large organizations. First, she founded and led the Global Intrapreneur Salon, a virtual network of change agents who come together quarterly to share best practices, learn from other thought leaders, and actively support each other. Second, she found a personal coach who understood her plight and supported her journey as a Catalyst in the corporate world. Shannon recognized that this group seemed to crave an in-person gathering to recharge together and deepening their sharing.

Tracey is an anthropologist and longtime amplifier of Catalysts. For many years she drove innovation at Microsoft by connecting designers and engineers to the needs of their customers and managing teams to catalyze change. Today she is as a coach for change makers and their teams. A social scientist with a graduate degree from the University of Chicago, Tracey began researching Catalysts in 2015, and now she uses this research and her own experience making change to support Catalysts to better understand themselves and more powerfully change the world. A key finding from Tracey’s research is that Catalysts thrive when they have spaces to rejuvenate and co-create with each other.

As Shannon and Tracey shared their visions, their Catalytic passions were ignited. They decided to combine forces to bring together a global network of Catalysts - to amplify and elevate their work so they can more powerfully change the world.

Catalyst Constellations was born.

This is a journey about co-creating a global network and support structure for Catalysts. Our intent is to continually iterate and improve, to learn humbly from the brilliant Catalysts we connect with and to share this collected wisdom.



Coach. Researcher. Facilitator. Catalyst.

Tracey Lovejoy is known for her optimistic outlook, quick mind, freakish intuition, sassy attitude and drive for results – which combine to make retreats fast-paced, fun and transformative! Tracey is a Coach that supports Catalysts and their teams, and is the Researcher behind the Catalyst movement. Before she became a Coach, Tracey spent 12 lightning-fast years at Microsoft, where she worked at the intersection of technology, design, and innovation leading teams of change makers. She is also the co-founder of the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference, the premier international gathering on ethnography in business.

When Tracey is not helping individuals and organizations transform she is hanging out with her kids, cleaning up after pets, or stealing moments to feed her reading addiction.

Tracey facilitating at a retreat.


Intrapreneur. Innovator. Facilitator. Catalyst.

Shannon Lucas, Executive Vice President, Head of Emerging Business at Ericsson is a global thought leader on intrapreneurship and corporate innovation frameworks. For over twenty years she’s driven innovation into Fortune 500 businesses and cutting-edge startups, launched her own companies, and served on the board of several non-profits. Shannon’s personal mission is to transform corporations into sustainable change engines.

Shannon’s passion is igniting and supporting change agents. She’s excited to bring together and expand her global tribe through Catalyst Constellations.

Shannon living one of our key goals of Rejuvenation.



Anne’s professional journey across four continents is driven by her passion for transforming ideas into reality and guiding multi-cultural teams to implement change. In her role as serial entrepreneur, executive director and advisor Anne has led a broad range of companies, projects, startups and non-profit organizations in IT, technology, consumer products and healthcare.

Anne greatly enjoys working on global initiatives with sizable impact and with teams of bright, inspirational people excited to innovate, prototype, build, launch and grow products, services and communities.

In her free time, Anne mentors at Silicon Valley and European startup accelerators, at universities and advises startups in digital health, technology and STEM. She loves spending time in nature, on the water sailing or kitesurfing or at board game evenings with friends.

Cool projects in the past years:

  • Ran Genentech’s first startup and data competition to prevent cervical cancer in 2016
  • Piloted deep learning algorithms with a startup to predict lung cancer in CT scans
  • Launched the GUILD in 2017, the first women’s networking platform powered by AI and launched inaugural unconference for female innovators
  • Executed Women in Product’s 1,800 women’s conference in 2018
  • Presented Women In Product’s first D&I Advocacy study at the WEF in 2019


Justin is the author of the best selling book, Design A Better Business: New Tools, Skills, and Mindset for Strategy and Innovation, a frequent blogger and contributing author, as well as an experienced strategy designer and managing director of the Business Models Inc. offices in the US. He has more than two decades of experience managing product strategies for large, multinational corporations, like Autodesk and Oracle, as well as several startups.

Justin has a MBA in Design Strategy, from California College of the Arts, a BA in Environmental Science and Geography, from University of California Santa Barbara, as well as professional certifications in software development and product management, from University of California Berkeley.


Shakeya A. McDow is the vice president of Strategy, Intelligence, and Operations within Ethics and Compliance at Kaiser Permanente. In this role, she is responsible for developing the department’s overall strategic plan, transformation and organizational change management, analytics and information technology, learning and awareness, conflicts of interest, vendor compliance, regulatory change management, driving the annual risk assessment and work plan process, and collaborating on other critical imperatives for the compliance function.

Shakeya is a relentless catalyst with 20 years of proven success leading transitions, transformations, and turnarounds as an intrapreneur and management consultant within global organizations. She prides herself in strategically bringing collaborators together to drive systemic change through large scale values-based programs.

Shakeya resides in Northern California with her husband and best friend Robert.