Community Guidelines


These guidelines are foundational in creating a safe space for Catalysts to explore, share and question, based on mindful participation with a culture of mutual respect and inclusivity.

Co-creating a Safe Space for Catalysts


JUMP IN! While being mindful and curious

We know that Catalysts get excited. A lot. Your enthusiasm makes us all buzz with new ideas and possibilities. So please…bring your full self, share, ask questions. Other members may learn from your experience. In fact, it may be exactly what they need to solve their problem or move forward their vision.
You’re welcome to share ideas, stories, and content as long as you created it or you are citing the source. (be mindful about sharing your whole new business plan)


But also, be mindful

Mindful that there are those you haven’t heard from in a while? Bringing your full curiosity about other Catalyst’s experience by creating the space or even an invitation for them to share. That may also be exactly the type of support another member needs to lean in or be vulnerable.
(If we see “oversharing” or monopolizing, we’ll be compassionate but may ask you to set limits.)


Be supportive and constructive.

You know how good it feels when people are supportive, additive to your ideas, encouraging you on your journey, cheering you own to dream bigger, or are just there to listen. This community is to help Catalysts thrive.


Embrace diversity and inclusivity.

The Galaxy is a place for Catalysts from all industries, backgrounds, genders, races, orientations, tenure and experiences. Galaxy members are entrepreneurs, individual contributors, activists, and executives in large organizations. Diversity is what makes this community powerful. We know the power of cognitive diversity AND we know the power of psychological safety. We expect our members to celebrate and respect diversity in all its forms as well.


Respect confidentiality.

We learn best when we can share some of our most vulnerable moments. If and when someone shares sensitive information on a personal or professional level, please do not share it outside of our community. Having a safe environment helps us heal and grow.


Be mindful of the difference between information sharing and selling.

We’re all doing exciting things from time to time, and as Galaxy members we’ll want to know. It’s perfectly fine to share what you’re up to, (we want to know!) but we ask that you don’t post sales links, offers, or pitches in the main community (yours or anyone else’s).

We also want to support the exciting new endeavors the Catalyst community are catalyzing! We have created a Bulletin Board where people can pay to share Catalyst friendly job openings, new programs and offerings, etc. Please direct message the Community Manager for more information.

If it feels like an inappropriate sales pitch in the Galaxy community, we will take it down and reach out to you.


No spam, bullying or trolling.

This isn’t a place for spam, cynicism, criticism, or trolling. We get enough of that in other parts of our life.

(Trolling, bullying, hate speech, or harassment won’t be tolerated. If members need to be reminded, we will do so. Frequent or severe failure to keep our agreements will result in exiting the network.

Privacy Policy and no transfer of Your Personal Data will take place to an organization or a country unless there are adequate controls in place including the security of Your data and other personal information.


If you have questions or concerns please contact the Community Manager.