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In the Media

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An Introduction to Catalysts

Unique Changemakers Require a Unique Understanding. Let’s start with an in ...

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Tools Catalysts Need to Thrive

The moment you self identify as a Catalyst can feel like a lightbulb moment, som ...

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The 3 Most Common Mistakes of Catalytic Leaders

After spending time focusing on the challenges shared by all Catalysts. In this ...

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The Challenges of Catalysts

Self-doubt and questioning myself. If everyone here thinks things are OK, maybe ...

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Are you a Catalyst?

Are you a Catalyst? Let’s discuss Six Telltale Signs. “As a catalyst I c ...

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The Power of Self-Awareness as a Catalyst

I remember the first time Tracey told me about Catalysts. It was one of those im ...

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The World Needs Changing and Empowered Change Makers

Catalysts are change makers; we help envision and create positive change in the ...

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Orchestration: The Catalyst Achilles Heel

What do you know about Orchestration? If you resonate with the title of Catalyst ...

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The Power of Catalyst Constellation Retreats

What follows is a conversation with Cecilie Hoffman on the power of Catalyst Con ...

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What you are Doing is OK and Enough

Our quick tip for you today: What you are doing is OK and enough. While the spec ...

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A silent culprit that sabotages your ability to feel successful

It’s always timely to bring to consciousness things that stop us from feel ...

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Fear to Bravery Alchemy

As catalysts we are often putting new things out into the world. Often fear is a ...

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Working as a Catalyst and Introvert

Working as a Catalyst and Introvert is a conversation between Cecilie Hoffman an ...

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How Can You Measure Your Value (as a change agent)?

Oh my goodness this topic has been coming up over and over again – in coac ...

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Never feel “successful”? You might be doing this.

If you’re a Catalyst you might never feel “successful” in your work. Lik ...

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How do you Ignite a Movement?

At the April 2019 Catalyst Constellations Retreat many of us were posed to ignit ...

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Are You Struggling to Articulate Your Value?

You know you are driving change and are able to see things others don’t. Y ...

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Bringing Awareness to What Makes us Feel Vital

When you are working on something that you love, hours pass like minutes. Howeve ...

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Vulnerability as a Norm for Catalysts

Sanley didn’t know where she could show vulnerability. She is the head of ...

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The BEST thing that happened to me last year

Anne Cocquyt enjoyed an impressive year in 2018. But this is the best thing that ...

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The day my spirit unclogged

What follows is a commentary from Shakeya McDow, Vice President, Ethics and Comp ...

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I went to a retreat, then I redesigned my life

Courtney is a customer experience designer, who has been working almost a decade ...

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Growing my Game Changing

Growing my Game Changing: Why I Joined a Catalyst Constellations Retreat Georges ...

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The weight of being a Change Agent

I have been blessed at many points in my career to combine my passion to create ...

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The Smallest Investment… In Yourself

We need to talk about the smallest investment in yourself. Because so many peopl ...

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Is a Catalyst Constellations Retreat for you?

If you are catalyzing change, Catalyst Constellations Retreat w ...

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The power of clarity of vision

A few months ago, John Morley would tell you that he had a “smorgasbord of id ...

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5 Tips to Sustain Catalytic Energy

You want to sustain Catalytic Energy, right? How many moments of intense burn ou ...

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Catalysts New Years’ Intentions

The New Year is such an exciting time. Some people make resolutions. Many people ...

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Recharging your Catalytic Drive

It’s time for change agents to get more intentional about leaning into one ano ...


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