Catalyst Self-Discovery – Chelsey Glasson


Chelsey describes what it means to be an introvert Catalyst

Chelsey Glasson, Qualitative User Research at Facebook, shares how she had struggled with friction between her and her organization and how this friction had caused cycles of burnout. She just couldn’t fully explain the experience until she understood what it meant to be a Catalyst. Even as the concept of Catalyst was resonating early in her journey, she struggled to own the term Catalyst because of how big the word felt.

Chelsey describes what it means to be an introvert Catalyst. She shares what she’s learned about herself since learning about being a Catalyst and how she’s leaned into creating big change. She’s taken on Google over pregnancy discrimination, changed laws to protect women, and is launching her new venture. Chelsey also shares the struggles of being a Catalyst and a parent of young children in a COVID world.

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