Recharging your Catalytic Drive


It’s time for change agents to get more intentional about leaning into one another so we can recharge, maintain our progress and more sustainably change the world. It’s time to recharge your Catalyst Drive.

You’re ahead of the curve.

You can see what’s coming down the road, when no one else can. Where other people see challenges, you see opportunities to reimagine how things get done. You know that done is better than perfect. You learn by doing, fast. You’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission. You see technicolor in a black and white world. Purpose is built into everything you do.

You’re a catalyst.

Catalysts are driven by an inner spark. We can’t help ourselves. Inefficiencies in the system are intolerable. Uncaptured new opportunities keep catalysts engaged. But it can take a toll…

You fight the corporate immune response system every day. You help your organization take two steps forward only to see it take one, or sometimes three, steps back. You’re the weird one with the crazy ideas. Where you have clarity of vision and purpose, others are confused or afraid. The slowness of the business stifles your need for speed. Sometimes you feel undervalued, marginalized and exhausted.

The things we don’t talk about.

Isolation. Depletion. Depression. Ambivalence. Even burn out.

It’s not something we talk enough about in the #intrapreneur or #catalyst community. These are the very real challenges of being a change agent. I have personally struggled with them throughout my life. Weeks of being sick. A sense that if I just worked harder, I could manifest my vision. Feeling undervalued and under appreciated for my contributions. Despite all this, I continued to push on because of my own personal sense of purpose. For a long time, I thought I was the crazy one…and then…

About four years ago, as I traveled around the world leading innovation workshops I realized that there were other intrapreneurs out there in different sectors and roles. I decided I needed to connect with these like-minded individuals in a safe space to discuss these challenges. I created the Global Intrapreneur Salon – a change agent support group. It’s an informal virtual gathering that meets quarterly to share ideas, empathize, commiserate, troubleshoot and have fun. It’s been intensely rewarding convening some of the world’s thought leaders in a curated group to support each other’s personal and professional development. The ability to share my own personal challenges and learn from my peers has kept me going. Always recharging my Catalytic drive.

We need support.

I have come to understand over the years that this community needs even more support. We need to connect on a deeper level. To maintain our progress, we need to develop personal resiliency practices, action-oriented tools and stronger peer connections. A vision was born in partnership with Tracey Lovejoy, Catalyst of Catalysts, to bring together individuals committed to driving change for a weekend of recharging and reinvigorating our personal journeys. We’ve created Catalyst Constellations to do just that.

When we bring Catalysts together for a recharging retreat, the weekend is a balance of contemplative time with the development of an individual action plan to help each catalyst move forward their ideas. Participants will leverage the collective wisdom of the group as they co-create their vision maps. Individuals will also develop a peer coaching group to support each other’s journey post-retreat. Hosted in an eco-lodge overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it will be a restorative weekend for those who need to recharge, so they can continue their great work of creating change in the world.

Contact us if you’re interested in any of our future retreats.

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