An Introduction to Catalysts

Unique Changemakers Require a Unique Understanding. Let’s start with an introduction to Catalysts. In a world marked by rapid change, changemakers can be found any and everywhere. In fact, [...]

Tools Catalysts Need to Thrive

The moment you self identify as a Catalyst can feel like a lightbulb moment, sometimes for a light that we didn’t know had burned out. The first thing many people tell us is how relieved they [...]


The 3 Most Common Mistakes of Catalytic Leaders

After spending time focusing on the challenges shared by all Catalysts. In this post we are going to deep dive into the challenges of Catalysts who are trying to LEAD others through the 3 most [...]

The Challenges of Catalysts

Self-doubt and questioning myself. If everyone here thinks things are OK, maybe it is me? I feel like I don’t fit in. Others may see me as ‘one thing is not like the other’. When I ask questions [...]


Are you a Catalyst?

Are you a Catalyst? Let’s discuss Six Telltale Signs. “As a catalyst I come into a situation, seeing what is there, bringing some of my own thoughts in, but holding back and seeing lots of [...]

The Power of Self-Awareness as a Catalyst

I remember the first time Tracey told me about Catalysts. It was one of those impactful moments that happen in life where your brain decides to sear in the memory. When a moment of self-awareness [...]

The World Needs Changing and Empowered Change Makers

Catalysts are change makers; we help envision and create positive change in the world. It is our mission at Catalyst Constellations to support the global Catalyst community as we tackle some of [...]

Orchestration: The Catalyst Achilles Heel

What do you know about Orchestration? If you resonate with the title of Catalyst you should worked on being versed on the concept because orchestration is very likely achilles heel for most [...]

The Power of Catalyst Constellation Retreats

What follows is a conversation with Cecilie Hoffman on the power of Catalyst Constellations retreats. Q: What made you want to come to one of our retreats?   A: I was struggling with a career [...]

What you are Doing is OK and Enough

Our quick tip for you today: What you are doing is OK and enough. While the specific circumstances each of us has during COVID and lockdown is quite diverse – some of us working at home with kids [...]

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