The power of clarity of vision


A few months ago, John Morley would tell you that he had a “smorgasbord of ideas” regarding his career. But two weeks ago, he got every catalysts’ dream job. John used the power of clarity of vision to get where we wanted to go.

His job description is literally to change an organization—John is a Business Design Strategist at Hitachi Vantara (a subsidiary of Hitachi). He works alongside the CTO, to “catalyze” the organization—to move forward with its digital transformation agenda, and to explore new things.

How exactly did he get there?

Identifying as a Catalyst

John says his journey began when we met, and he understood the value of his specific skill-set: to see the big picture and identify where he can make logical and likely connections. In an approachable and slightly Irish accent John says he’s, “sort of a wheeler and dealer… I listen to people, find out what they’re working on, and I say ‘ooh, there’s someone over there that you should go talk to’.” You can hear the excitement in John’s voice as he talks about organizational transformation and getting others on board. We call people like John, catalysts.

Clarity of Vision

Earlier this year, John experienced an important mindset shift at the Catalyst Constellations Retreat. He identified his personal mission and vision, and was able to prioritize his next steps based on this mission. John said that the retreat’s funnel structure helped him narrow his broad vision into specific next steps.

Rejuvenation & Connection

The retreat was a “significant accelerator” for John. Clarity was part of it, but so were restoration, and connection to others like him. In our interview, John describes how a long walk by the beach and a “catalytic” meditation taught him how taking breaks can lead to personal empowerment. And how meaningful it was to feel part of a greater whole, like at a BBQ under the stars when a fellow catalyst came up to him and said, “I love your energy.” This was one of many moments that enabled him to embrace his vulnerability and get in touch with his needs to be a more effective change agent. “I keep using the word catalyze, but that’s really how I think about it, so there you go,” he says.

Catalyzing Your Personal Journey

Shortly after the retreat, John met up with a former colleague who now works at Hitachi. “He asked me come work with him and do what it is I do”, says John with a warm smile. “That was a great personal moment for me, because that came directly from the retreat”.

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