The BEST thing that happened to me last year


Anne Cocquyt enjoyed an impressive year in 2018. But this is the best thing that happened to her last year.

Anne is the executive director of Women In Product. She is also the founder of successful startups and non-profit communities (the GUILD, PupQ, Bezl) and former innovation leader and management consultant in the corporate world (Genentech, Shell, Telekom, Orange, T-Mobile and Philips).

Anne joined the second Catalyst Constellations retreat in spring 2018 and agreed to share her experience with us.

She put the emphasis on CONNECTIONS she made and how they helped her improve both her personal and professional lives.

The BEST thing that happened to me last year

The retreat connects you to your passion and the reason why you chose the path as a change agent. The facilitators are putting so much thought and energy in the sessions, the wellness parts, the balance of content and curation of the participants that you walk away with a feeling of having been given a precious gift.

This change catalyst retreat was truly the best thing that happened to me last year. (And a LOT of amazing things happened in my life and career in 2018 !). Indeed, I’m still connected to the inspirational people and I have even hired one of the retreat participants.

I’m not a “retreat person” and I need a lot of time to build trust with facilitators. However this retreat gave me the opportunity to be myself and work on my future and happiness as a change catalyst as soon as I entered the room.

If you are a person who affects change and occasionally suffers under the burden, if you’re trying to do something really hard and crave company, do yourself a favor and sign up.

That’s my gift for you.

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