Fear to Bravery Alchemy


As catalysts we are often putting new things out into the world. Often fear is a big blocker. As a group, we discussed this and realized as catalysts we can use the energy of fear to create bravery – we can be alchemists!  Here’s how:

First, make a list of all the things you fear. Get quiet and tune inward, and write them down. Keep going till you have a full list of all the things you hear or believe inside. In our group reflection here was our list:

  • What If I’m crazy?
  • What if people don’t understand me?
  • How am I going to fund my life?
  • What if what I’m doing doesn’t matter?
  • What if I fail?
  • Who will follow? What if no one follows?
  • Do we need more movements?


Some things that we fear are inevitable – we won’t be 100% successful every time.  So start by accepting that the things we fear could happen! That’s the first step to working with fear. Make some of the possibilities part of the roadmap. Create “Eutopia” – a place of ideal well-being, as a practical aspiration (compared with utopia as an impossible concept).  This helps you be realistic vs perfectionist.

Curate your crew – be selective in finding a few people who can listen well,  give advice, give opinions, hold space for you to be fearful or irrational or hopeful, know when to say “let’s elaborate on that”, and see what you might be missing.

Think big, celebrate small – in those moments when you are going toward a vision that seems so massive that you don’t know how you are going to get there, celebrate small wins because that will give you momentum.

Put something out into the world  – once you have your crew and some wins to support you, try it out.

Trust your resilience – trust that you can keep getting up and keep going every time you fall or get knocked down.

In summary, by facing our fears and working with them, we are normalizing vulnerability – converting fear energy to positive energy, otherwise known as bravery.


Authors: Ally Taylor, Ann Rich, Ashley Munday, Breana Teubner, Brett Christenson, Enrique Aznar, Gayatri Agnew, Izabel Loinaz, Jay Hasbrouck, Rosie Slentz, Ryan Warren, Sam Ladner, Shannon Lucas, Tahni Candelaria, and Tracey Lovejoy.

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