What you are Doing is OK and Enough


Our quick tip for you today: What you are doing is OK and enough.

While the specific circumstances each of us has during COVID and lockdown is quite diverse – some of us working at home with kids to balance, some of us solo during this period, some of us feeling called to action, some of us feeling like we aren’t sure how to contribute in a meaningful way, some of us dealing with intense loss – there is something that binds every person we have had the chance to talk to: We all feel like we could be doing something better.

In case you need to read it again: What you are doing is OK and enough.

This crisis is unprecedented for us. It has upended our lives. There is no playbook. There is stress everywhere. And the rules we use to guide our daily lives are literally changing every day. Whatever it takes to keep yourself sane right now is OK (alright, there are, of course exceptions like hurting others, but bar that…).

Perhaps you haven’t found a routine. Or you find a drink or a doughnut in your hand more than you are usually comfortable with. Maybe your productivity has plunged and some of your normal work hours are spent watching Netflix or playing hide-and-seek with the kids. Or maybe your kids are on screens way more than you’d usually allow. What you are doing is OK and enough.

If you are like us you have hundreds of emails with links to articles on how to get through this time better. So we’re not going to send a list of tips today. Instead we are just going to reiterate: What you are doing is OK and enough.

If you would like to connect with other Catalysts, post thoughts to us on LinkedIn. And if that isn’t appealing, that is OK too. Because you know what you need. And what you are doing is OK and enough!

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