9 Must-Read Books to Prepare Entrepreneurs for 2021


Articulating your Value


Author Hour with Tracey Lovejoy and Shannon Lucas

Orchestration: The Catalyst Achilles Heel

What do you know about Orchestration? If you resonate with the title of Catalyst you should worked on being versed on the concept because orchestration is very likely achilles heel for most [...]

A silent culprit that sabotages your ability to feel successful

It’s always timely to bring to consciousness things that stop us from feeling we are making positive impact. Feeling we’re never successful. This is a recurring theme when speaking with [...]

Working as a Catalyst and Introvert

Working as a Catalyst and Introvert is a conversation between Cecilie Hoffman and Catalyst Constellations. How is your work influenced by the fact that you identify as a Catalyst? What challenges [...]

How Can You Measure Your Value (as a change agent)?

Oh my goodness this topic has been coming up over and over again – in coaching sessions, at retreats, in casual conversation with Catalysts – “How can I measure my value?” Such an [...]

Never feel “successful”? You might be doing this.

If you’re a Catalyst you might never feel “successful” in your work. Like … Ever. During my research with Catalysts I initially asked the question “What makes a Catalyst feel successful?” [...]

How do you Ignite a Movement?

At the April 2019 Catalyst Constellations Retreat many of us were posed to ignite a movement. For example one of us is trying to have our organization embrace design thinking not just as a tool [...]

Are You Struggling to Articulate Your Value?

You know you are driving change and are able to see things others don’t. You know you are tackling challenging problems that others may shy away from and that you are a spark that helps [...]

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