The most effective way to strengthen your org — look at your “outliers”

Catalysts are problems. At least, historically speaking, in the way that most organizations have been run. They don’t fit the version of the “high performer” that so many orgs had for so many [...]

Tools Catalysts Need to Thrive

The moment you self identify as a Catalyst can feel like a lightbulb moment, sometimes for a light that we didn’t know had burned out. The first thing many people tell us is how relieved they [...]

Orchestration: The Catalyst Achilles Heel

What do you know about Orchestration? If you resonate with the title of Catalyst you should worked on being versed on the concept because orchestration is very likely achilles heel for most [...]

The future of work is up for grabs.

Call it the Great Resignation, VUCA, or the black swan world — but the world of work is not what it was two years ago (or, let’s be honest, two months ago!) While people have been bemoaning the [...]

An Introduction to Catalysts

Unique Changemakers Require a Unique Understanding. Let’s start with an introduction to Catalysts. In a world marked by rapid change, changemakers can be found any and everywhere. In fact, [...]


The 3 Most Common Mistakes of Catalytic Leaders

After spending time focusing on the challenges shared by all Catalysts. In this post we are going to deep dive into the challenges of Catalysts who are trying to LEAD others through the 3 most [...]

The Challenges of Catalysts

Self-doubt and questioning myself. If everyone here thinks things are OK, maybe it is me? I feel like I don’t fit in. Others may see me as ‘one thing is not like the other’. When I ask questions [...]